About The Project

When Drake sang, “I need one dance,” he missed the mark.

There can’t just be one dance, because dance is so many different things. It’s all-inclusive, and it’s unique. It’s expressive, and it’s spiritual. Within the umbrella of dance, there are so many different genres.

The authors of this website – Myles, Dylan, Jayn, Mina and Jamie – set out to learn why hip hop, salsa, tap, bharatnatyman and pole dancing, respectively, are so important to those dancers, and what sets each type of dance apart.

Diversity is inherently diverse. Although many immediately associate diversity with issues of race or religion, those aren’t the only things that make people unique. How those people choose to express themselves is how society stays balanced, and it is why public discourse continues to exist.

Of course, there are lots of types of expression, but one in particular stood out to us as distinct, under-reported and deeply emotional: dance.

Welcome to Pop, Swing and Slide, and get ready to explore dance diversity in London.