Hip Hop

By Myles Dichter

Freedom, expression and movement.

For Taylor Brodbeck, 21, that’s what hip-hop is all about.

“You can have certain pieces that have certain emotions…whatever your mood is,” said Brodbeck.

By night, Brodbeck teaches hip hop at O.N.E. Dance Studio in downtown London. By day, she doubles as a tattoo artist.

Brodbeck finds immense importance in individuality, and chooses art as her method of expression. Hip hop, like tattoos, gives her the freedom to show her emotions.

“You can really do any moves that you feel like doing so you can make up whatever you want, which is cool. It’s a good way to release certain emotions, or your personality,” said Brodbeck.


While other classes occur in the same room, Brodbeck puts in earphones, finds a mirror and refines her practice. Her affection for hip hop, and dance in general, is apparent.

“I love it, and you should try it,” said Brodbeck.

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