By Dylan Short

Salsa is often thought of as a dance of love, but Ross Todorovic first started dancing after his high school girlfriend broke up with him. Years later, Todorovic has danced his way around the world on luxury cruise ships, specializing in Latin dances such as Salsa and Argentine Tango.

Now, Salsa has introduced Todorovic to love. He met his wife through the dance community.

IMG_1922“We met through a common friend who was also a dancer while we were dancing on a ship and then we started working together,” said Todorovic.

The Todorovics now teach at the London Salsa Academy and El Studio
Tango two instructional dance studios. They opened
in 2003 after they saw a lack of dance schools specializing in social dances.

“I really tried to focus on those two elements, where other studios were focusing on ballrooms and that sort of thing,” said Todorovic.

The academies run five beginner and intermediate salsa and tango classes per week.




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