Tap Dance

Tap is often seen as a youthful form of self-expression. But Rosemarie Kaes knows that even adults want to make some noise.

Inside the North London Dance Centre, the place is alive with the sounds of women stomping, flapping and shuffling. Though Kaes is passionate about tap, she is also an experienced dancer in ballet, jazz and hip-hop. “Every genre has something different to offer,” she said.

While some may consider these forms of dance to be very different, Kaes says that they are surprisingly similar, from the sense of community to the rhythms. “You go, oh, that pas de bourree in hip-hop is actually the same pas de bourree in ballet.”

While many consider dance to be for children, a growing number of Londoners are taking up dance as adults. Kaes admits that it finding time to dance can be a challenge. “They schedule around their children and their spouses and then they say ok, what other time do I have available for myself.”

The North London Dance Centre offers beginner and experienced tap classes for adults.

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